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PVL Underwater Cutting Torch

Many companies are struggling with high costs for underwater work and they are looking for a more efficient manner to cut underwater.

PVL International developed an Underwater Gas Cutting Torch that allows you to cut faster, cheaper and more accurate than any other underwater cutting torch on the market. This durable Underwater Gas Cutting Torch will give you the opportunity to lower the costs per meter and cut up to 4 times faster than thermic torches.

Curious about the cutting possibilities of the PVL Underwater Cutting Torch? Have a look at our Cutting project page.

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PVL Underwater cutting torch set

Are you interested and do you want more information about our special Gas Cutting Torch?

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The Gas Cutting System

Our PVL Underwater Cutting Torch uses a three hoses system. These hoses are used for the supply of oxygen, cutting oxygen and gas.

The PVL Torch preheats the material with the combination of gas and oxygen. Once the material is liquid, the cutting oxygen will blow it away.

You can adjust the cutting oxygen pressure (with the oxygen reducer) without affecting the gas/oxygen combination. This allows you to cut through thicker materials (up to 15cm).

Because we use oxygen to cut, you can cut the material very cost-efficient and up to 4x faster, than thermic torches.

Faster Cutting

The PVL Torch uses Gas instead of electrodes. Because of that, the diver does not have to change electrodes. This makes it possible to cut many times faster.

With the PVL Cutting Torch, the diver is able to cut 15 to 20 meters per hour.

Cheaper Cutting

Electrodes are very expensive. If your company has a lot of cutting work, the costs can become high. Because the PVL Cutting Torch uses Gas in combination with a specially developed cutting bracket, you can burn up to 600 meters before the cutting bracket needs to be replaced. By investing in a sustainable PVL Cutting Torch can save your company a lot of money.

Have a look at a review and comparison an independent company wrote for us.

Cutting more Accurate

We are convinced that every company needs a PVL Torch next to their thermic torch.

You can use your thermic cutting torch for the short rough-cutting work, and you can use your PVL for the long accurate cutting work.

For an example of the PVL accuracy have a look at the Ship Salvage project in Greece or the Damen Shipyard Project.