Underwater Gas Cutting Torch

Our PVL Underwater Gas Cutting Torch is specially developed for cost-efficient and fast underwater cutting, without constantly changing parts. 

PVL offers 2 types of cutting torches 90° and 50°

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The Underwater Cutting Torch uses Oxygen and Gas as a cutting medium (See table below). It has a three-hose system, which uses one hose for the Gas, one for the Oxygen and one for the cutting Oxygen. 

There are 2 types of Cutting Torches available:

Model 1 with a cutting head under 55°

Model 2 with a cutting head under 90°

Your choice of model depends on the diver’s preferences.

Advantages of the PVL Underwater Gas Cutting Torch: The PVL was developed because working with conventional underwater torches was considered to take too long and too expensive (over long distances of cutting). PVL developed a Cutting Torch that differs from other torches by:

  • Low costs per meter because you do not have to change for example (costly) electrodes.
  • With the PVL Gas Cutting torch, the diver is able to cut 15 to 20 meters per hour.
  • The Torch is less sensitive for contaminated cutting surfaces, which makes it easier to cut.

Want to see all the differences? An independent company did some reviews and made a comparison of our torch


It is not possible to adjust the cutting flame underwater. You can only modify the flame by adjusting the pressure reducers above the water.

Pressures for the cutting Oxygen as indicated in the table apply up to 25 mm material thickness. When cutting thicker material the pressure for the cutting Oxygen can be raised without negative effects on the adjustment of the torch.

PVL Underwater Cutting Set

The PVL Underwater Cutting Torch kit includes:

  • 1 Underwater Gas Cutting Torch 55º or 90º
  • 1 Suitcase
  • 2 Socket wrenches
  • 1 Underwater Igniter
  • 2 Oxygen reduction valves Incl. Non-return valves
  • 1 Gas reduction vale Incl. Non-return valve
  • 1 Sets of hoses
    • 1 Gas hoses 9mm 1 x 50 meter
    • 2 Oxygen hoses 9mm 2 x 50 meter