Reviews and Comparison

The PVL Cutting torches are delivered in a Special case including our unique in water igniting device. It’s also a part of our fast, economic and easy to use system.

Below you can have a look at the comparison a company made between our torch and a thermic variant

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PVL Cutting Torch

  • PVL Torch
  • Hoses 100 metre
  • Gas regulator
  • Oxygen O2 per m³
  • Gas mixture per 79ltr
  • Underwater igniter
Transportation Weight and Dimensions

Torch, hoses, regulator & spares
L x B x H = 58 x 78 x 40
Total Weight = 65kg

MAP Gas bottle
L x B x H = 30 x 30 x 127
Bottle weight = 32kg

Gas weight = 34kg


Consumption Proportions

1 Bottle of Gas to 10 bottles of Oxygen

OXY/Thermic cutting torch

  • Oxy/Thermic torch
  • Hoses & 50mm cable 100 metre
  • Earth cable 100 metre
  • Welding generator
  • Oxygen O2 per m³
  • Electrodes per box
  • Gas regulator
  • Cut off switch (Knife switch)

Transportation Weight and Dimensions

Torch, cables, switch, regulator & spares
L x B x H = 120 x 100 x 75
Total Weight = 300kg

Thermic electrodes per box
L x B x H = 50 x 10 x 10
Total Weight = 12kg

DC generator (Powcon)
L x B x H = 84 x 51 x 50
Total Weight =100kg

Consumption Proportions


10 Packs of Electrodes to 10 bottles of Oxygen

Divers involved in the PVL Cutting tests

Personnel and Locations: In the Roermond harbour.

Diver 1

  • Easy to ignite
  • Quick cut
  • Easy operation
  • Easy adjustment
  • Little material required (no generator, earth cable etc.)
  • Robust cutting torch with no/minimal maintenance

Diver 2

  • Simple to start
  • Simple for me to burn
  • Ideal when used for what it is designed

Cutting Torch Test





Initial Oxygen Pressure 

Final Oxygen Pressure 

Cylinder Capacity

Total O2 Consumption 

ltr Initial Gas Pressure

Final Gas Pressure 

Consumed electrodes 

Time Began 

Time Finished 

Total Time 

Cutting distance

PVL Cutting Torch 

Diver 1


Steel strip 160x1200x25mm 

180 bar 120 bar 

160 bar 100 bar 

40 ltr 47 ltr 50 ltr

1740 ltr 

Not applic 



 6 min  

154 cm

Oxy/Thermic Cutting Torch

Diver 1


Steel strip 160 x 1200 x 25mm

195 bar

50 bar

50 ltr

7250 ltr

Not applic

Not applic




6 min

48 cm

Conclusion for the PVL Cutting Torch


  • Lightweight & compact for transport
  • Low consumable costs
  • Easy to ignite
  • Simple operation
  • Quick cutting in the right conditions
  • Good vision of the cut through the material
  • No risk from temporary blindness (arceye)
  • No power supply required (electricity)
  • Equipment does not need to be rust-proof
  • Clean, straight cut
  • Minimal maintenance & spares
  • No excuses relating to torch problems
  • Easy to use for unskilled personnel
  • Less chance of leaving uncut material (bridges)
  • Ability to cut thick material


  • Experience and practice is needed to cut some types of bracings
  • Nearly everything is possible to cut
  • Louder than the Oxy/Thermic torch
  • Gas should not be too cold
  • Gas bottles should be kept in a warm environment